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Creating Transport Rule in Exchange Server 2007 with Specific conditions

Today let’s discuss creating Transport Rule in Exchange Server 2007


Open the EMC




Under the Hub Transport there is Rule which is already created for IT Admins


So let’s go ahead and create rule for Staff where in When they send email, the copy should come to Administrator.




Click Next.


When you click Next here comes the Rules as shown below:


Condition 1:




The Rule when an employee sends the email externally it should be come to an Administrator first.


So when you select the option “Sent to Users Inside or Outside the Organization”


Below the Inside is highlighted. Click on Inside you will find an option to make it Outside as shown below.




Select Outside and Click Ok. Condition is selected.


Now comes the Action


Here in Action I’m select the Action as shown below:


Step1: Select the Action option the message “Redirect the message Address”.

Step2: Select the redirect address as Highlighted.




When you select the Address in the Step2, you will get the option to select the Specific people to redirect this message.

Select the Test1 or based on your requirement as per the policy.

And Click ok -> Ok

And now the Address will be change to the specific Person, here in my scenario, I have selected Admin as shown below:






Now the page will route to Exceptions, here need to select exceptions or the people based on your requirement.




Now here I have selected “Administrator” means when any email sent to outside or External it should go to Administrator.


Click Next.




Click New




Click Finish.




Great we have created Rule for Staff


Praveen Kumar

MCTS, MCITP | Exchange Server

Publisher @ Techrid.com