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Using Clutter to sort low priority messages in Outlook Web App

Today in this blog we’ll discuss about the feature “Clutter” that has introduced in Office365 by Microsoft.

Clutter, What is it?

Clutter is a feature that has designed to move low priority messages out of your Inbox into their own folder. Which saves your time when you scan for important messages.


How about Junk emails?

Clutter and junk email are both filtered out before they reach your Inbox. Junk email is evaluated first, and filtered based on the characteristics of the messages themselves, for example the subject or the server it was sent from. Next, Clutter analyzes the remaining messages destined for your Inbox, and filters out the types of messages that you usually ignore or don’t respond to, based on your past behavior.


This feature Clutter will be Turned off by Default. So how do we Turn it On?

Turning On Clutter

Go to Settings on the Main Tab as shown below:



Now Click Options in the Setting.




Under Option Mail you will find the Feature called Clutter.




By default it will be Turned off  like “Don’t separate items identified as Clutter“, now to make this option Turn On you need to select “Separate items identified as Clutter” as shown below:


Status in Turned Off:



Changing to Turned On Mode:




After Turning On click Save, now you can see the Feature Clutter under the Inbox. And also you will receive email “Meet your new cleaner inbox” as shown below:




Explanation which will tell you about Clutter




Using this Feature

Point to be noted that Clutter isn’t going to be perfect all the time, but it will get better when you use more and more.

You can help Clutter identify low priority items in your Inbox by using the Mark as clutter and Mark as not clutter options. This system records your choice and uses the information to mark similar messages in the future.


If you think and decided that the email is important then, Right click and select the option “Mark as Clutter” it will automatically moves the email to folder Clutter.




Now, you checked the email and you have decided that the email is not Important then……

Don’t worry Right click and select the option “Mark as not Clutter“, as shown below:




But how does this Clutter Filters Messages:


Clutter helps you focus on what’s important by automatically filtering out messages you’re not likely to read. Messages from certain people will never be identified as clutter:

  • You
  • Anyone in your management chain
  • Your direct reports

For mail from everyone else, you teach the system what kinds of content interest you by interacting with your mail. No extra work is required. Clutter learns which kinds of messages you frequently read and uses that to determine if a new item is likely clutter or not.


Clutter looks at various aspects of messages to understand what you don’t typically read, for example:

  • The sender
  • Whether you’ve participated in the conversation
  • If you’re the only recipient
  • The importance


As your reading habits changes, the Clutter feature learns and adapts accordingly.


And this Option will be applicable for

1: Office 365 end user

2: Outlook Web App

3: Office 365 admin.


Great by this we have learned What is Clutter and how it works…… 🙂

Stay tuned for the upcoming blog on Adding the Domain and DNS Record in Office 365.


Praveen Kumar

MCTS, MCITP| Exchange Server

Publisher @ Techrid.com