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Office365 Admin Center features explanation in detail

In the last session we were discussing about Benefits and Limitations of Office365


For Quick Ref : Benefits and Limitations of Office365


After you create account with Microsoft office365 login to Office365 Admin Center.




Now let’s discuss in detail


1: Change you profile Pic


2: Setup


i: Setup your Services

Ii: Yammer Enterprise


1: Setup your Services


Setup your Services as shown below:




Once you click start it will take you to Change your Domain, if you have multiple.




Click Next it will take to perform basic Setup




The above Image states that the above activities had already been performed.


We can discuss in later posts.


2: Yammer Enterprise:


Yammer is a best-in-class, secure, and private enterprise social network.

Yammer provides a richer enterprise social experience. Yammer is a best-in-class enterprise social network that brings together employees, content, conversations, and business data in a single location.


Yammer comes in two varieties:

Yammer Basic and Yammer Enterprise. Yammer Basic is free and available to all users. It provides a way for employees to collaborate with other members of their organization. Yammer Enterprise is a premium version that extends an organization’s basic Yammer network.




Click Next, Confirm ownership details and Finish.


3: Users and Groups


1: Adding Users Accounts

2: Reset Password


This feature will not only to change password but also you can grant permission to the user to Make the password change according to User wish.


3: Assign User Licenses

Assigning user Licenses like


Global Admins

Service Admins

Users and Errors etc…..




4: Domains


In this you will be able to Choose your Domain and can create DNS records.




5: Billing:


Check your Billing Info and to Buy Subscriptions




Great you have seen the features in details. In the Next blog you will see Adding the Users and Managing them.


Praveen Kumar

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