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Creating Virtual Machine in Azure

Virtual Machine creation

Before creating Virtual Machine will go through what is virtual machine

Virtual Machine

Emulation of Physical computing hardware

Hypervisor / Virtual Machine Manager (ex. Hyper-V)



Quickly provision, Scale, recover from hardware failure

Azure Virtual Machines

  • All the benefits of on premise virtualization
  • No upfront investment in hardware
  • No ongoing investment in engineering competency
  • Pre-configured images in Gallery


Virtual Machine Series

A Series – General purpose, not recommended for production/live applications. Use for development and testing.

D Series – Faster than A Series – SSD drives and 60% fast CPUs

G Series – Faster, most modern hardware, massive amounts of CPU, RAM and Storage available

For More Info on Series Virtual Machine Series

http://bit.do/vm-pricing Billed per-minute


Careful – meter keeps ticking until you shut down the VM

More information on VM Sizes


Virtual Machine Creation

Now creating Virtual Machine in Azure using ARM Template (Azure Resource Manager)

Login to Azure Portal

Post logging in on the left side the page under favorites click on Virtual Machine Tab as shown below:



Click on Virtual Machines -> Click on Add



This Add Tab will take you to Compute Page there you need to select the Technology here in my scenario I am selecting Windows Server.



Selecting Windows Server this will give you option to select the Windows flavor based on your requirement you can select the version.

Here in my scenario I have selected Windows Server 2012 Datacenter.

Note: Selecting Technology (Windows, Linux, etc….) Versions based on your requirement. windows Server 2012 Datacenter edition is selected based on Techrid clients and their beneficial usage.



After you click on the above selected Tab.

This will take you to EULA (End User License Agreement) process.

Select the deployment model like Classic or Resource Manager click create, as said we are creating the VM using ARM so here I am selecting Resource Manager.



Click Create

Creating Virtual Machine “Basics – Configure basic settings



Select Resource group and Location based on your requirement.

Click OK

This will take you for selecting Size based on your requirement and pricing you can select “Pay as you use”.

Know more before selecting Virtual machine Series and pricing Virtual Machine Series



After selecting it will prompt for change Settings based on your requirement as shown below:



Click OK

This will show the Summary of your VM. Now Click Create



Now go back to your Portal and check the VM.



In the upcoming article we will discuss what is Resource Manager and the advantages.



Praveen Kumar

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