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Creating Send Connector in Exchange Server 2013/2016

Creating Send connector which will help you send mails to Internet.

After Installing Exchange Server 2016, it will not be in position to send emails to external network or outside the Organization.


So for sending email to outside network you need to create Send Connector.


Login to Exchange Admin Center




Click on Mailflow on the features Tab -> Click Send Connector -> Click Add ” New + ” as shown below:




Here provide the Name based on your requirement


Now before moving forward we need to discuss different types of Send Connector. There are 4 different types as explained below:


Custom :   Allows you to send email to other Non-Exchange Mail Servers.

Internal :   If you have Edge Server in your Environment and you want to Route Email through Edge Server, then select this option.

Internet :   This will allow you to send emails to External networks to the Internet. Configure this if you want to Send emails to Internet.

Partner : This will send emails using Third Party servers using TLS encryption and Certificate Authentication.



Here we are going to Create Send Connector so I’m selecting Option 3 “Internet”




Select Internet and Click Next


Network Settings:

We have two types

MX Record associated with recipient domain

Route mail through smart hosts


MX Record uses DNS lookup to find the Recipient mail Server

Incase if you are planning to Route your emails via Smart Host, please specify IP Address


Select MX Record associated with Recipient Domain




Click Next

Under the Address Space Click Add




If you are planning to use this Send Connector to Send emails to Specific domain then, mention the FQDN or if this Send Connector want to send email to any domain then specify “*”


If you want to provide priority then go with Less cost as “1”




Click Save



Click Next


Source Server:


Click Add

If you have multiple Servers in your Organization then you can specify the Source Server based on your requirement




Select the Source Server and Click OK




Click Finish




Great we have configured Send Connector

If you want to Create Send Connector using Exchange Management Shell, then please follow the below command




Let’s go ahead and confirm if this has been showing in Exchange Admin Center




Go back to EMS and Check the mailflow




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