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Content Index FailedAndSuspended in Exchange 2013/2016

Fixing a “Failed or FailedAndSuspended” Database Content Index  in Exchange Server 2013/2016


Uses of Content Index is it will try to search Mailbox content in both Outlook and OWA (Outlook Web Access).

Sometimes there are chances of Database Failover and Switchover.


When Automatic Switchover or Failover takes place then checking Content Index State will be a good move.

Note: Rebuilding or Repairing the Content Index can cause High CPU Utilization on the servers. So it is recommended to perform such task only on the Week Ends or After Hours.


Checking the Content Index using the Below command


Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus * |fl -auto


This will show all the Content Index State for all the Databases in the Organization


Today I’ve found my Database Content Index FailedAndSuspended as shown below:




Verified with above error mentioned using Command line in Exchange Management Shell & found the same as shown below:




Events that can be generated to identify the situation is Event ID 1012 as shown below:




Ok now it’s confirmed let’s proceed with troubleshooting steps


First Stop the services


1: Microsoft Exchange Search

Command : Stop-Service MsExchangeFastSearch


2: Microsoft Exchange Search  Host Controller

Command : Stop-Service HostControllerService




Now it’s time to identify the Database to Rename, Delete or Moving the Content Index “Catalog Folder”

If you don’t know the Path of Database (EDB File Path) then run the below command it will show the EDB File Path




Locate the folder then this “Catalog Folder or Guid” can be either Renamed, deleted or Moved to another location.




Here I’ve Renamed the folder to “Guid.old” as shown below:




Then I’ve restarted both the services as shown below:




Ones you start the service check the status of the Content Index for the Databases which are “Failed or FailedAndSuspended” by running the below command:


Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus -Server “Server Name”


First it will go Unknown state




Then status of Content Index will be changed from Unknown state to Crawling as shown below:




Slowly the status of the Content Index will be changed from Crawling to Healthy


Both the Databases changed to Healthy State from Crawling as shown below:




If this is Server is Member of DAG then run the below command as shown below:


Command :

Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy  “Database Name\Server Name” -CatalogOnly -BeginSeed


If you have multiple Databases and it’s Content Index in “Failed or FailedAndSuspended” State then run the below command:


Command :

Update-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus * |Where {$_.ContentIndexState -eq “FailedAndSuspended” |Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy -CatalogOnly



Praveen Kumar

MCTS, MCITP | Exchange Server

Publisher @ Techrid.com

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