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Exchange 2013 CU8 to CU12 Upgrade – Unattended Mode

Upgrading Exchange 2013 CU8 to CU12 below is the download link

Cumulative Update 12 for Exchange Server 2013 (KB3108023)

Also follow the below link to know the Issues that has fixed post upgrading to CU12

Issues that Resolved Post Upgrading to Exchange 2013 CU12

Download the Installation pack and extract it any folder that you want to run the installation from…


Great Extracting the file has completed….


As you want to prepare AD before upgrading, you need to install the RSAT-ADDS.

Note if this is the first server and we need to add the features…..

Add-windowsFeature RSAT-ADDS

If it needs to restart then go ahead and restart the server and proceed with Installation…


As we are running upgrade and Exchange server needs to be in contact with AD so before installation please check the replication is fine with no issues….


Go to setup folder that you have extracted to….

And run the setup from that location


Follow the below steps for the Preparing Active Directory

1: Prepare Schema

Execute the below command

Setup.exe /PrepareSchema /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms


2: Prepare AD

Execute the below command

Setup.exe /PrepareAD /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms


3: Prepare All Domains

Note: Incase if you have single domain then run Prepare Domain in case multiple Domains then run the below command:

Execute the below command

Setup.exe /PrepareAllDomains /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms


Note post completion of Active Directory to be in safe side run command dcdiag /S and check for errors before starting Installation or Upgrading the server…

Great done with Preparing AD now it’s time to upgrade

Here this upgrading can be performed in two ways…..

Either by

1: Attended Mode of Installation which is nothing but from GUI

2: UnAttended mode of Installation which is from command prompt….

Here we have done upgrade using unattended mode of installation

Exchange CU12 upgrade

Command :

 Setup.exe /M:Upgrade /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms

If it’s Fresh installation then specify the switches…

/M : Mode

/R: Roles

If you want to install the server with role specific then you need to mention

Ex: Mailbox & Client Access Role

Command :

Below command for installation

Setup.exe /M:Install /R:MB, C /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms

Below command for upgrade

Setup.exe /M:upgrade /IAcceptExchangeServerLicenseTerms

Great Setup has started…..


Here Configuration Prerequisites and Prerequisites Analysis will be done first and then configuring Microsoft Exchange Server as shown below:


Great Installation was successful….

Now let’s go ahead and check the admindisplayversion as shown below:


Post completion logging into Admin center Server need to be restarted….

Also run the tests like

Mailflow test

ServiceHealth check

Mapi connectivity tests


Happy Learning…..

Praveen Kumar

MCTS, MCITP | Exchange Server

Publisher @ Techrid.com