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Configuring Veeam Endpoint Backup


In the previous article we discussed about “Installation of Veeam Endpoint Backup“, today we’ll see how to configure for the regular backups to run.

Once the installation is complete we’ll the below options, we’ll discussing step by step:



Configuring Veeam Backup Step by Step :

Once you click on Configure Backup it will Scan local Partitions and Volumes….. as shown below


After scanning is done it will open windows with options

Entire Computer (recommended)

Volume level Backup

File Level Backup (Slower)

as shown below:

In my scenario I’ve selected option 1 : Entire Computer


After selecting Option 1 Click Next

It will take to another windows where you need to select the device  or location for storing the backup files or folders.

I’ve selected Local Storage

Note: Selecting local storage is not recommended as it’s my lab selected for testing

If you are doing in Production you can go with “Veeam Backup & Replication repository” or dedicated File Server.


After Selecting click Next

It will prompt you to select the storage device that you want to keep the backup files.

Note: By default it will take last 14 days to keep restore points when the computer used.


I have selected Drive E: and browse the path.

Click Next


After the selecting the days require to keep the restore points click Next

By default is 14 Days for the backup to retain


In my scenario I have selected 30 days to retain the Backup

After selected the required options Click Next


After selecting the storage device….

Scheduling the backup configure it according to your requirement.

In my scenario I am going with Incremental Backup which is Daily Backup.


Also according to your requirement you can go with Full Backup.

If you are selecting the backup to happen on specific days then select the below option




Click Save

Once you save it will give detailed Summary….. as shown below:

Click Finish


Now you can go and check in the Drive E: it will show the backup status in details:


Now back to Windows Home Page and select the Option “Veeam Endpoint Backup


This will take you to Monitor Page


Select the Status Tab  -> Click Backup Now


Click Backup Now

It will Scan local Partitions and Volumes….


Below Screenshot shows Backup in Progress


After completion it will shows Last Backup :


Great with this we have seen Configuring  Veeam Endpoint Backup.

In next blog we will discuss on Veeam Volume Restore.


Happy Learning!

Praveen Kumar

Publisher @ Techrid.com