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EC2 Instance creation in AWS

Creating EC2 Instance – Windows in AWS

Login into AWS Portal AWS Console Login

The moment you login to console you can see search Tab under AWS Services

In the search tab type EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing)



In the search tab type EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing) and hit enter as shown below:


This will take you to Resources Page where you need to Launch Instance under Create Instance


When you click on Launch instance here we have few Steps that needs to followed as shown below:


Step 1 : Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)



Select the based on your requirement here in my scenario I am taking Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Base .

Click Select…

Step 2 : Choose an instance Type

As this is my test account and this is for testing so I am selecting “t2 micro” which is free with limited services.

And click “Next: Configure Instance Details



Step 3 : Configure Instance Details

Here we need to provide details based on your requirements, as this is for testing purpose I am leaving default as is……..

Note: Make sure you enable “Enable Termination Protection” so that this can be terminated until this option is reverted or unchecked.

And click “Next: Add Storage


Step 4 : Add Storage

Leaving this as default in case if you need to Add New Volume you can add based on your requirement.

Click “Next: Add Tags

Step 5: Add Tags

Click Add Tags



Add Tags :

Key : Name

Value : Praveen_AWS

Click “Next: Configure Security Group

Step 6 : Configure Security Group

If you wanted to setup a Webserver or Exchange server then you need to allow Internet traffic to reach your instance. Also you need to allow unrestricted access to the Ports as shown below:

Click “Review and Launch



Step 7 : Review Instance Launch

This will summarize your details post confirming click Launch.



Great you have Launched the Instance.


Connecting to Launched Instance

Yes while connecting authentication is required like User Name and Password to get that we need Key pair.

Now time for Authentication using Key pair as shown below:

Here I am going with “Create a new Key pair

And Providing Key pair Name….

Note: Key Pair Name : To be given based on your requirement

And click Download Key Pair


Now Click Launch Instances

This will show you the summary, click View Instances

Now this will shows

Status Check : Initializing

Alarm status : Loading

Wait till the status check come change to 2/2 checks…



Connecting to your Instances

Select the Instance and click Connect



Here you can click Download Remote Desktop File and save that file for easy access…..

Under Password click Get Password



Get Password for “Retrieving Default Administrator Password



Choose the password file that you have saved




click on Decrypt Password



Now try connecting to your instance…..

Note: Getting password might take some time…..



Be cautious while using after use trying shutting down or if it’s Test machine try terminating as this is…….

Pay-As- You-Go (PAYG)

In next article we will see bucket (S3) creation…..



Praveen Kumar

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