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Creating SQL Database in Azure and accessing from On-Premises using SSMS Tool


1: Creating SQL Database in Azure

2: Accessing SQL DB from On-Premises

Login to Azure Portal

Click SQL databases as shown below:

Click “Create sql database”



Need to give the details as shown below based on your requirement

Under Source

Selecting Blank database



Click Create

Note: While creating Database you can create SQL server (or) you can create SQL Server and connect that to SQL Database

Step1: Created SQL Database and then created SQL Server as shown below:



Step2: While creating SQL Database connected that to SQL Server as shown below:




As this is test scenario while selecting Pricing tier. Selected Basic and this is completely based on your requirement.

After Selecting click Apply.



Confirm everything is given per your requirement.



Click Create

This has created New Resource Group “Techrid-RSG



With New SQL Database “Techrid-SQLDB”



Cool we have created SQL Database and it’s in Online, Now this Database can be accessed from (anywhere) On-Premises using SSMS Tool.

Go to SQL Server and click on Overview



now click on “Firewall and Virtual networks



Under Firewalls and Virtual Networks click on Add Client IP



Click OK



Go back to your On-Premises server and open SSMS tool (prefer Latest)

In my scenario I have taken SQL Server 2012

Provide SQL Server Name as given in Azure while creating Database and Server in Azure Portal.

Click Connect



Great connected and able to access the SQL Database from On-Premises using SSMS Tool.



Expand now you can see Tables, Views etc….




From here you can created Tables or create from them Azure.

Upcoming Article : Creating SQL Database in On-Premises and Migrating that to Microsoft Azure



Praveen Kumar

MCSE – Cloud Platform and Infrastructure